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Final Project: Creative Piece Analysis

And here is my analysis for the creative piece 🙂 Oppression as a Cyclical Cyborg Skill Advertisements

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Final Project: Creative Piece

Dear Journal, I am at a loss for words to encompass the events of the past few weeks. What began as a dream, and so unexpectedly, has turned into a … Continue reading

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On my final project

I’ve decided to write a creative piece for my final project and a brief analysis of it. The piece consists of events that I’ve witnessed and found upsetting for reasons … Continue reading

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Letter Thirty-Two

Letter thirty-two in particular caught my attention because it was filled with marks of Teresa’s subjugation, and seems to embody, to me, a kind of confession of hers that she … Continue reading

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Fantomina, or Love in a Maze

I just remembered this short story I read for an English class last fall called “Fantomina, or Love in a Maze” by Eliza Haywood. One of the themes were the … Continue reading

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Love by Angela Carter

“…she even played with the idea of bearing his children, though these children…related not to fantasies of motherhood but to certain explicit fantasies she had of totally engulfing him which … Continue reading

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Response to The Rights of Women by Anna L. Barbauld

Unlike the title of Mary Wollstonecraft’s “Vindication of the Rights of Woman,” in which the singular form of “women” is used, emphasizing individuality, Anna L. Barbauld titles her poem “The … Continue reading

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Grace Jones

Grace Jones

Jamaican singer, actress, model, and one of the fiercer females I have come across.

Check out her song!

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V Pess brings up a good point. According to MW, one of the defining characteristics of woman is her physical inequality with man. When I first thought of this I … Continue reading

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